We send more text messages to each other every day by phone than there are people on earth.     The average time spent on a web page is 56 seconds.     At least one blog is launched every second of every day.     There are 4 billion mobile phone on earth.     Your website has just 1.8 seconds to catch people's attention.     Amazon makes more money on cloud computing and storage than it does selling books.     In Tokyo, you can order a customised Toyota on Monday, and drive it home on Friday.     

A bite-sized life

Read an interesting little article in Metro newspaper on my commute to the office this week.
The City Academy School in Hackney, East London has abandoned text books and now encourages its pupils to download information to their mobile phones.
Life is becoming bite-sized - people like to snack on books, perhaps a chapter at a time; we know that already today some 10% of viewers watch popular TV shows like Doctor Who outside of their traditional broadcast time, that TV is becoming as portable as music; and that learning will also take this path in future.
Imagine schools as drop in centres for 60-minute learning modules, then back to work.
Schools are important, though, they cannot become virtual, because technology is reducing the amount of time kids spend face to face - schools are one of the few great places they can gather and interact.

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Anonymous said...

Matthew, do we need to be worried?

Among other things; attention to detail is suffering as a result, for a good analysis of what google is doing to our minds http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200807/google

Wired ran a fascinating look at the commercial impacts - eg: selling ringtones for more than singles - http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/15.03/snack.html

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